How Important Is An Energy Efficient Refrigerator?

Commercial refrigeration has come a long way, with companies shifting towards energy conservation and reducing their carbon footprint, more and more retailers are going for energy-efficient commercial refrigeration solutions for their businesses. Not only is energy efficiency important for the conservation of our environment, but it also does wonders for a company’s public brand image. Here are four benefits of using energy-efficient refrigeration. 

It helps you save money.

Electricity bills will depend on the size of a commercial branch, but electricity is a commodity that no business can live without. Energy-efficient commercial refrigeration can help save a lot of money yearly by utilizing less electricity which translates directly into capital savings come to the end of the month when bills are paid. Some companies use breakthrough energy management technology that replaces the conventional thermostat with an advanced electronic management system. This allows for faster cooling of the unit and better temperature management, thus saving electricity in the process. 

It helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Aside from saving you money, cutting electricity consumption can help reduce your business’s carbon footprint. Low-E cabinets utilize an amalgamation of LED lighting, low emissivity glass, and polyurethane insulation, using 40% less electricity than conventional commercial refrigeration. Cooling performance is improved by combining electronic energy management with ECM fans, electronic expansion valves, and high-performance coils. This can help reduce energy consumption further, and it means a smaller carbon footprint is left by retailers using commercial refrigeration solutions. 

Improved brand image

When you install energy-efficient commercial refrigeration, there are positive associations with customers, both potential and existing, that will help expose your brand. Customers are more likely to support a brand that is public about their goal of reducing their carbon footprint, and that is taking steps toward that goal. Installing energy-efficient refrigeration solutions show patrons that your business cares about the environment and its conservation and the reduction of fossil fuel utilization, which can help improve public opinion of your brand and increase your support base. 

Lower maintenance costs

Commercial refrigeration units that are outdated utilize outdated technology, and the shrinking of these technologies in the commercial sector means that there are fewer qualified technicians that can service them and it will be difficult to source parts that are no longer mass-manufactured. The age of energy-efficient commercial refrigeration is in full swing, and there is an increased focus on refrigeration unit longevity and efficient energy management. Manufacturers of energy-efficient refrigerators focus on constantly improving their production efficiencies and the longevity of their products, meaning that they endeavor to manufacture refrigeration solutions that are less likely to need regular maintenance, thus giving you the peace of mind that you need and saving you money. If you want to go for energy-efficient refrigerators, it helps to be prepared before you enter any showroom, here are some tips:

Know where to look

Be aware that a lot of appliances today have a large “energy guide” label where you can find the energy-efficient logo. If you can’t find it, you can always ask a salesperson whether the unit that you are considering meets the standards. 

Basic knowledge

If you want to do some research on the appliances that you might be interested in, the program’s most efficient page is a good place to start. You will see the models that the EPA and DOE have rated as best in class, and you can create an informed budget ahead of time. 

Keep an open mind

You will be surprised by what you will find in-store and online. There are numerous refrigerators that follow the energy star program, making it easier to choose a green appliance. With the help of energy-efficient refrigerators, the savings on your electric bill will be better than ever. 
Aside from getting an energy-efficient refrigerator, you also need to get a local service provider who can help you with maintenance. Commercial refrigeration repair in Tucson can help make sure that your unit is functioning the way that it should be.

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