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One of the world’s top manufacturers of tanning booths is Smart Solarium. Beauty salon equipment can be highlighted with the sophisticated designs of Smart Solarium tanning systems. Tanning booths offer the advantage of providing a beautiful, even tan in less than half an hour. This is ideal for those with tight schedules and little time to spare yet they want to look their best.Crystal Medical sells and rents various Smart Solarium tanning systems. The following is a general descriptions of features offered with two different models. The first is the GoldJuice 848 Low pressure tanning booth. The second described is the Viper 360- High Pressure system.

The GoldJuice 848 Low pressure tanning booth has a great look and feel with several appealing features. With 48 lamps delivering 160w each, an even tan is assured. The lamps are 176cm in length. The total power output is 8.1kw at a frequency of 50Hz. This all simply means that it is energy efficient and powerful at the same time. The tanning lights are precisely focused for maximum effect in the shortest period of time. The maximum hot air flow maintains at 9.600mc/h with standard ventilation that is electronically regulated to prevent overheating. The electronic hour counter, session counter, money counter, and token counter are all standard with a 4 number display. Internal light and FM radio are included and standard as well. The width, depth and height are 1100mm, 100mm, and 2420mm. The total weight is 394 Kg. This is a fairly compact and efficient model.

The Viper 360- High Pressure tanning system offers some different features to consider. It is one of the best performing systems offered by Crystal Medical. Such a system shows that quality is important to you. 18 lamps operate at 160W with a maximum power of 3.600W and a frequency of 50 Hz. The hot air outflow is 2500 m3/h. The dimensions are 2340mm width, 1550mm depth, and 2050mm height with a net weight of 290kg.

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